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Company Background

The company is set up to provide coaching to those looking to be amazing and succeed in life. It is there to break down barriers, set directions and exceed wildest dreams for those wanting to get the most out of life. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe, attended Rhodes University in South Africa, learned financial planning in Scotland and now live happily in Australia with my amazing wife and four children. I have a rich experience in thriving through change and this is available to my clients.
Where would you like to go? What life do you want to have?


Online Training – A package of the best personal development ideas ever. A collection of simple to use ideas that have a profound effect.

Coaching – Ongoing, one on one help to identify meaningful goals and achieve them.

SOS calls for existing clients – When you are in crisis and can’t think straight.

Special Offers

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State Representative, Australian Institute of Professional Coaches

“Guy has a unique talent for seeing straight through my story and holding me to my highest standard without a hint of judgement. He has been supporting me in implementing big changes in all areas of my life and his process is powerful. Looking back over the last 4 months there are several big wins in my life that are directly created out of my work with Guy.”
Dunstan Bertschinger – Director of Barefish

“I began coaching sessions to help me keep a focus on work that was important to me. What I am finding is: Guy’s work leads me to where I want to be, with direction and purpose. After my fifth session, this is no longer work that I must somehow find time for – It is like a trip to the park as a child….exciting and invigorating. I am delighted at the changes that have taken root in my life and the impact it has had on my world.”
Fran Prowse – Director of Prowse Agriculture Pty Ltd

“Shame you would only fit in 20 clients as you are so GREAT at what you do. I’m glad to continue as one of them and highly recommend your coaching to anyone who is ready to create the life of their dreams; who is willing to step into the unknown.”
Moira Mevissen – Restaurateur


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