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Resume Right – Graduate Services

Resume Right, Australia’s top Resume Writing company, has a specialist service line specifically for Students and Graduates. If you are a graduate just starting out, or a student seeking an internship, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The sheer volume of competition is fierce. You need an edge to get noticed.

Resume Right’s goal is to make you stand out from the crowd in the job market so that you can get the job you deserve. Our entire team is made up of executive recruiters, HR professionals and hiring managers with career-long experience of evaluating job applicants. We know what stands out, what works and what does not – and we use that experience to give you a real edge in the job market when you’re starting out.

We give you the competitive edge you need with:

– Resume Writing
– LinkedIn profiles
– Selection Criteria responses
– Career Coaching

Resume Writing

1. Resume Writing

If you are a graduate just starting out, or a student seeking an internship, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. The sheer volume of competition is fierce. You need an edge to get noticed.

We will write your resume to focus on your character, your academic credentials, your strengths and your potential. The key to success is identifying and highlighting what you can bring to a new employer. We will work with you to identify what it is that the Employer is seeking then match your relevant skills and credentials to support your application.


LinkedIn Profiles

2. LinkedIn Profiles

LinkedIn is a ‘must have’ for job seekers in today’s job market. It is now THE main resource for recruiters looking for job candidates with over 90% of recruiters using LinkedIn to source or vet candidates.

We know how to write your LInkedIn profile to get you noticed. We will:
– Set up of your account if you don’t have one
– Set up of your Profile
– Write the ‘resume’ section of your Profile
– Strengthen your Profile with the Summary, Headline and Skills & Expertise sections
– Customise your Profile URL and privacy settings
– Advise you how to use LinkedIn to build your business reputation


Selection Criteria Responses

3. Selection Criteria Responses

Selection Criteria are used by government, academic institutions and increasingly by large corporations as a key recruitment assessment tool.

Each criterion must be addressed separately and applicants are scored on their responses to each one. By definition, your responses must be tailored to each individual application – there is no room for generic responses in selection criteria.

We will work with you to select the best examples to match the criteria set. We will then craft clear, succinct and appropriate responses for you that will put you way ahead of the competition.


Career coaching

4. Career coaching

Our career counsellors provide specific steps and guidance to shape and optimise your career.

Likely topics will include building long and short term career plans, positioning yourself for promotion, planning the next employment change and how to make yourself an invaluable hire.

We give practical, real-world advice and guidance based on years of experience of assessing job applicants. Our Career Counsellors have conducted the interviews and made the hiring decisions, so their experience is invaluable in giving you hard facts and tips to help you advance your career.



1. Carl, Economics & Finance Graduate – Brisbane
I would like to thank you for your assistance with my resume. I thought I would let you know about my performance since. I applied for and got the internship as a Financial Analyst. They commented on the impressive resume and cover letter in the interview. I have also had a great strike rate with graduate program applications, progressing to the final selection stages of the graduate programs for 5 out of the 6 companies that I applied for. Of those companies, I got to final interview stage with two – the Financial Assurance graduate program with one of the big four accounting firms and the Business Banking graduate program for one of the big four banks. The bank has now offered me a position that I have accepted. Once again, I would like to like say thank you for your amazing help in preparing an outstanding resume. It has been an excellent tool that has assisted me in achieving such an amazing graduate program.

2. Cindy, Property & Development Graduate – Brisbane
Just letting you know I got a job as a trainee project manager. Thanks for the great job you did on my resume.

3. Stephen, Masters Candidate – Melbourne
Just wanted to let you know that the work you did for me paid off. I got the placement and I’m currently doing my postgrad. Thanks again for all your help.

4. Joe, Economics Graduate – Melbourne
I am just emailing to say thank you for your help. Your advice on how I should approach the job market was both enlightening and surprising. I managed to land a great job and I have no doubt I only got into the interview room with your help.

5. Ellen, Psychology Graduate – Sydney
As a recent graduate looking for employment in the public sector Resume Right was instrumental in helping me navigate and prepare the whole process in producing a fantastic CV and Cover Letter targeting my relevant strengths, skills and experience. The end result was having a few job offers to choose from, with all employers commenting on my CV and Cover Letter as being exceptionally presented. I highly recommend Resume Right’s work, especially to recent graduates.

6. Jodi, Policy Studies Student – Sydney
Thank you very much for all your work and very helpful advice for my selection criteria. I have had a great experience and can not believe how efficient and easy you made it.

7. Stephen, PHD Candidate – Melbourne
Just wanted to let you know that the work you did for me on my Statement paid off and I have been accepted for my postgrad placement. Thanks again for all your help.

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