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The best advice and assistance for the most important move you’ll ever make

The experienced and dedicated Mygration team will guide you through the Australian migration process. The Mygration team will endeavour to make your Australian move an enjoyable experience.

About Us
Migration Agent Brisbane – Migration Agent Australia

At Mygration our aim is to provide you with the highest quality service according to our excellence standards. We realise that choosing a registered migration agent is a difficult task in the beginning stages of your migration process.

We believe that the key to your success of moving to Australia begins with placing yours and your family’s trust in a firm that is based on placing your needs first.

We are experienced and qualified

Our firm has a wide range of professionals that not only provide services relating to migration law, but that offer valuable expertise and knowledge relating to various assessment criteria for all visas to Australia. Our team of professionals hold over 11 years’ experience in accounting, law, migration law and career planning in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, France, Spain and many other countries.

This expertise and reputable knowledge enable us to add value to your migration application while migrating to Australia as all areas relating to the visa are addressed accordingly.

We know the feeling

We all know the saying about the bald man trying to sell hair growth products?

Mygration team members understand your needs. Why? Our team have experienced the move ourselves to Australia. We understand the hassles and frustration of paperwork, law, and compliance and ultimately the personal stresses and fears that you might experience in uprooting your family to a new land and leaving your culture behind.

The good news is that we are there to ‘hold your hand all the way’. Our team comprising of experience and industry qualified skilled migrants will provide valuable support in meeting your needs with your move to Australia.

We protect our customers

Being registered migration agents with the Migration Agents Registration Authority in Australia means that our clients can only experience the highest quality in service as registered migration agents cannot operate or be licenced to operate without complying with the Code of Conduct provided for under section 314 of the Migration Act 1958.

The Code of Conduct is intended to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents. We are obligated to comply with the Code of Conduct in all matters relating to ethics, confidentiality, quality and compliance with our customers. For more information about the code of conduct

Part of the code ensures that that we are obligated to provide adequate arrangements to avoid financial loss to a client, including the holding of professional indemnity insurance.

The key to our success

Our client’s trust our processes, our advice, our expertise and knowledge and most importantly – Our clients trust our Team to handle their cases of moving to Australia.

So why use us?

• We WILL stick with you until you reach your goal
• We WANT to help you and we CAN help you
• We WILL be honest and frank about your chances of success before engaging you as a client
• No task is too difficult and we WILL find a solution for you
• We KNOW the law WILL use it to assist YOU achieve your goal
• Our work speaks for itself and once YOUR visa is granted – we are confident YOU will speak for our work
• We are readily available to discuss ways to assist you. We can be contacted on +61 07 55 800 900


Student Visas

If you wish to study in Australia you must apply for a student visa.
A student visa allows you to undertake studies at a Registered Australian training organisation or Australian educational institution.
You must be a genuine student and satisfy the necessary criteria to be eligible to apply for a student visa.
Completing your studies in Australia does not guarantee that you will be granted a permanent visa at the end of your studies. A separate assessment will need to be completed to determine if you are eligible for another substantive visa based on your studies. There are separate requirements to meet at the completion of your studies.
Work Graduate Visas

Australia has a range of businesses with substantial economic impact – finance, information technology, manufacturing, mining, agriculture, insurance, telecommunications, and aviation. With major industries in different fields, Australia takes the 12th spot as one of the countries with the largest economies worldwide.

The country currently has over two million job opportunities for recent graduates and eligible skilled migrants. To ensure opportunities remain at their peak, the Department of Labour (DEEWR) continues to monitor the employment market for skilled occupations. They identify and provide reports on skill shortages in different industries across the country. The Department also publishes lists of skills that are in demand to keep citizens and eligible migrants updated of current job opportunities. In 2011, the Department of Immigration approved over 125,000 visas for both employer nominated and skilled visa streams.

Skilled immigrant workers who want to work and settle down in Australia must apply for the appropriate visa. Mygration has listed the different types of skilled visas for Australia migrants to show the eligibility criteria. Our qualified 457 visa agents in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast will help assess your eligibility against all work visa criteria and discuss available options for your application. Consulting a Mygration 457 visa agent on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane can help you find the visa you need. We offer a free online assessment for fast and convenient processing of visa eligibility.

To discuss your application with a specialised 457 visa agent on the Gold Coast or in Brisbane, please do not hesitate to contact us now.

Employer sponsored visas

We recommend the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme for skilled workers planning to relocate to areas outside Metropolitan centres. This type of work visa allows employers in remote and regional areas with low population to sponsor migrant workers for permanent residency. This work visa also offers a cost-effective solution to fill vacancies and designate qualified workers to company positions.

To apply for the RSMS visa to Australia, the business and nominated position should be in a regional area. This covers any area within the country, excluding Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle, Sydney, and Wollongong.

Skilled Independent Visas for Permanent residence

We recommend this points-based Australia work visa for skilled workers who do not fall under family, state or territory, or employer sponsored streams. Skilled workers may only apply through invitations. To get an invitation, a person must:

• present an Expression of Interest (EOI)
• have work that is included on the skilled occupation list
• undergo a thorough skills assessment for the occupation
• be no more than 50 years old during the date of invitation
• have a grasp of the English language and meet other language requirements
• have a score of at least 60 on the points test

Special Offers

All Graduate Visas we charge our professional fees of $1000.00 + GST Immigration and government costs are not included.


Our Happy Movers
We move heaven and earth to help our customers fulfil their Australian dream
Don’t take our word for it. Here are a few words (and translations) from our extended family.

“My friend is migration agent. He wanted to take my case for free, but he has no experience. I chose your firm because your team have the experience and …well, you are good 🙂

You are rated on the Quality of the service, Understandings of my needs, Professionalism, Responsiveness, Professional fees, Friendly staff, and solid Mygration Agent advice as number 1 (highest level). I would recommend Mygration to anyone else.”
Adam C. (SC457 visa) – Poland

“Everything has been done step by step, understanding what we were doing in each moment. It has been such a big help having you guys as a guide and as advisers. Also every time that we tried to contact you, you were always keen to help. The Skype calls have helped a lot too and make everything more close and confidential. Thanks Requel and Dimitri Bourne for your help and professionalism and for sure we will recommend you in the future. All the Best!”
Ali and Ceasar (SC189) Skilled Independent Visa – Canada and Brazil

“Wow! This has been a very complicated process. Are you really saying I am a permanent residence of Australia? Thank you for everything. You might forget us, but we will never forget you and all the help your team have provided. Thank you.”
Aner Y. (SC186 RSMS Visa) – Israel

“Mi experiencia con Mygration ha sido muy satisfactoria. El proceso para obtener mi visado ha sido muy rapido y eficaz. Siempre con la ventaja de resolver todas las dudas que surgieran via telefonica o email. Muchas gracias por tramitar mi visado de residente en Australia.

My experience with Mygration has been very satisfying. The process to obtain my visa has been really fast and easy. Always having the chance to solve all my doubts by phone or email. Thank you very much for helping me getting my Residency in Australia.”
Begona M. – Skilled migrant visa (SC189) – Spain

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