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The dream of living in Australia starts here!

Expat Coach is the only consultancy group specialising in advising and assisting students and professionals who wish to move to Australia, providing full beginning-to-end support throughout all stages of the relocation.

If you dream of the quality of life that Australia has to offer, then Expat Coach is the key to making this a reality. We provide exhaustive and specialised end-to-end services tailored to meeting the demands of each individual client.

Expat Coach has the experience and expertise to assist clients in obtaining student or permanent resident visas. We are intimately familiar with all procedures and processes, and together with our partners are best positioned to guide our clients wishing to relocate to Australia on a temporary or permanent basis. Conversely, we offer the same full end-to-end service to foreigners who wish to live in Brazil. In addition, Expat Coach assists clients entering the professional employment market, assessing their qualifications against market opportunities to best match their career goals and objectives. Expat Coach is a company specialising in customised individual consultancy and business advice, providing professional and personal results by developing tailored coaching techniques and programs mindful of organisational and family dimensions.

Our principal and primary focus is always on our client, empowering them to achieve, fulfil and ideally exceed their goals, building in them a heightened state of awareness by bringing forth the conditions that allow them to more positively relate to their families, colleagues, and changing life circumstances.

Our customised and specialised services are designed to meet the needs of our clients by offering:

• International relocation services
• Career coaching (vocational testing, resume and cover letter writing, new graduates entering the market force, returning to the workforce in Australia, social   media and networking)
• Cultural coaching (cultural awareness training)
• Life & professional coaching




Expat Coach is experienced in all aspects of domestic and international relocations and offers complete relocation services including:

• Permanent and temporary visas advice and assistance with the application process
• Housing assistance
• School Search
• Settling in programs
• Expatriate networking opportunities
• Cultural – awareness programs
• Jobseekers services
• Career advise and outplacement

Permanent Visa: we work in partnership with a reliable accredited migration agent to process all your visa requirements and provide advise throughout the assessment, application and lodgement process of your long stay/permanent visa, according to the guidelines, regulations and expectation of the Department of Immigration.

Student Services: we offer all the necessary assistance to our clients to be able to choose the best course according to their needs. We offer a variety of courses in various schools, colleges and universities to facilitate the clients decision.


The Personal and Professional Coaching, also known as Life Coaching uses a complete methodology with is scientifically tested and validated. Life Coaching assists you to transform your life and lead you to discover, access and develop your potential and generate greater results and achievements.

The goal is to give you the necessary knowledge and techniques for personal transformation.

The process aims to increase positive results for individuals, teams and organisations through the use of techniques and tools to increase performance, self-awareness, decision-making and optimisation strategies. We focus heavily on learning, action and continuous improvement which leads to increased results and achievements.

During action planning we consistently seek continuous improvement, behavioural changes and achieving desired results. The coach works closely with the client on the following improvements:

• Improving the way you interact in your personal and professional life
• Increasing your self-confidence and reduce feelings of fear through self-awareness which enables you to make changes and achieve your goals
• Eliminating limiting beliefs
• Achieving positive results
• Accelerating your personal development
• Reinforcing your skills
• Increasing your performance
• Increasing your clarity about your life, goals, objectives and mission
• Accessing powerful emotional resources
• Realization of your dreams
• Achieving a feeling of fulfilment


We offer career coaching services to individuals who are entering the market force or are looking to develop their careers further.

The main areas are:

• Assistance in finding the first job
• Application of vocational tests
• Career Plan and career change
• Career development
• Evaluation of performance
• Promotion
• Career Change
• Replacement
• Outplacement
• Derailment career
• Slowing down into Retirement


We use the techniques of Cultural Coaching able to assist our client’s expatriates so they and their family members have a comfortable fit in the new workplace and new country.

We offer a comprehensive strategic approach to work with organisations to meet their diversity and cultural competency goals.

We offer a cross-cultural awareness training session for professionals and individuals aiming that they will have greater ease in adapting to the new country of work.

Intercultural programs help employers and employees to acquire intercultural skills necessary to alleviate and overcome challenges in cultural differences.

The importance of intercultural training is essential. Our highly capable team will facilitate the session, they have professional life and work experience in both countries.

Expat Coach can provide these services for your company and employees to soften the culture shock, making the expatriate and family members adapt as soon as possible in the new culture and be included in society.


The Systemic Constellation work comes from the conception of life, the flow in natural development.

We are inserted into a large solid system, various elements that interact and are somewhat interdependent with each other.

Born within a family system, which has existed for many, years and we do not know certainly your full history. With generations after generations, with many stories, events, and situations being them happy or tragic. Inherited through our parents and ancestors all this loads and we do not realize the patterns of beliefs within our family.

The family constellation work is an opportunity to consciously identify what is happening with the family system, and thus can resolve conflicts from the internal choice of each.


The organisational constellation is a new and innovative tool that allows you to access the systemic dynamics that are working in an organisation to assist you to understand and correct it and give keys to the solution. During the constellation session we extract a lot of information about the system to be analysed.

Application area of Organisational Constellations:

• General and Strategic Direction – Leadership and cultural changes, analyse problems, simulation and clarification of strategic options, analysis of success factors, purchasing and merging process
• Development – Clarification of roles, conflict management.
• Marketing, HR, Family Business and others.


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