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Company Background

My Ecig Story

I thought since it was coming up to almost three years since I started this small venture it was time to update the about us page a little. While the philosophy has stayed the same around having quality products and the best service in the business the original about us page did not really reflect where we were at now.

It was June 2012 when Scott a good friend of mine introduced me to the Electronic Cigarette and back then they were rather crude poor performing devices, nothing like the quality products available today. Even so after Smoking for some 27 years I was desperate to quit as I knew that smoking was affecting my health and being a father of two young children I wanted to be around to see them grow up.

To cut a long story short within a week I had quit the gaffers all together and have not had one since. I get asked a lot do I still use the ecig and the answer is yes I do. I used to love the gaffers and I have no plans of giving up the electronic versions, I believe they are magnitudes less harmful and its one of life’s little pleasures that I’m not willing to let go. Everybody’s story is different some use ecigs to quit all together and some are happy to just switch over to ecigs for the added health benefits and quite a large proportion switch over to ecigs simply because of the crippling costs of traditional cigarettes. The added bonus for me still using the ecig is I get to test every product before it goes on the shelves for my customers to purchase.

E-Cigarettes Australia (Now Ecigify) is born

I was so impressed with how easy it was to quit with these gadgets but not as impressed with the overall performance of the ecigs on offer in the local market. In fact there weren’t too many places in Australia selling them and even less offering a decent product or decent customer service. After a few weeks of research I decided to open my own on-line shop and hence E-Cigarettes Australia was born (Changed to Ecigify July 2015). Initially I concentrated on the quality of the products I stocked rather than the quantity and having 17 years experience in the sales and service industry my main goal was to offer top quality service and at a reasonable price which was also hard to find at the time.

The first few months were quite slow but after that our philosophy of quality product and customer service started to build a customer base so much so that after around 18 months the business was growing too big for me to continue working in my full time job, yes I had a full time day job while all this was happening. After deciding to leave the day job and concentrate fully on the ecig business it has continued to grow and now services some 2000+ regular customers all around Australia and New Zealand. As from July 2015 we changed our name to Ecigify

In the early days we carried around $2000 worth of stock, these days we carry in excess of $50000 worth which leads to the next stage of the business development. Up until a few months back the business was run from a home office but because of the amount of stock that we were now carrying space was becoming a problem so on the 10th of November 2014 we opened our first brick and mortar store at Cambridge, we have sinced moved to our brand new and much bigger location at 9 Percy Street, Bellerive Tasmania. Yes that’s correct we are down in Tassie, a lot of interstate customers are surprised by this especially when they receive their package the day after they order it. We owe a great deal to Australia Post’s excellent express post service which helps us get parcels anywhere in Australia usually in 1 day but at worst 2 days.



These days even though it’s much bigger than in the beginning we still have the same philosophy of quality customer service and product and a competitive price. Over 90% of orders are mailed the same day and our pricing is some of the lowest in the industry. All stock is held on site right here in Tassie, we don’t drop ship anything and if we don’t have it in stock it will not be available to purchase online.

We now do our own video instructions for most of our products and yes they are quite droll and we are not expecting any Oscar nominations in the mail. They are to give our customers a closer look at the product and quick run down on how it works which in most cases is a lot easier than trying to explain how to do it by email or phone.

The guy who introduced me to the Electronic Cigarette (Scott) has now come on board full time to help run the store and online business and run the Facebook site which I will readily admit to being out of my depth with. We both have great deal of knowledge and passion for the products and the industry and if your ever not sure of something or just want some advice or even a chat about anything to do with Electronic Cigarettes please give us a call. We don’t advertise the phone numbers at the top of the webpage just to look at we are both always happy to have a chat about nearly anything.

The Future

While writing this blog I have just received an email from Kangertech announcing yet another new product launch, this is the future. It seems these days a new product is launched daily, this is actually good news mostly as it means that the products are getting better and better and with more variety there is something to suit everyone’s taste. Luckily the shop we are in is quite big so there will be plenty of room to keep all these new products.

Well what started out as a quick update to the about us page has turned out to be quite long. At least it gives you the customer an overview of how we started and our progression up to now and if its your first visit we hope it instills you with confidence to buy from us. Our promise is we will do our very best to make your journey into the world of vaping a pleasurable one.

If it is your first visit and your a bit on the fence about Electronic Cigarettes then below is a brief 5 minute video that was recently produced by the BBC. It presents an unbiased view of the ecig from a doctors point of view.

You must be eighteen (18) years of age, to purchase ANY OF our products. We reserve the right to terminate any transaction where we believe the customer is not 18 or over.

The Ecigify Team (Michael & Scott)
Ph: 03 6248 4407
Mob: 0477 204 002
E-Cigarettes Australia would never promote or encourage anybody to take up smoking.
Our products are designed to help smokers who cannot give up and those who are trying to quit.



This is our own kit which in our opinion is one of the best value for money kit you can buy. The Ce4 clearomizer is an easy no fuss refill and gives great smoke and throat hit & combined with the Ego-T battery it is unbeatable value for the first time vaper or the more experienced vaper

It’s powerful 650mAh battery will last 5-7 hours of heavy vaping and up to 36 hours of average vaping on a single battery charge. This is roughly equivalent to 600 puffs/day ! we highly recommend watching the two videos below for a full overview of this kit.
We provide 2 x 30ml bottles of juice with all our twin kits, we urge you to compare that to others in the industry. We guarantee you want find a more fully loaded kit for a better price.

Kit Contents
2 x 650mAh Batteries with 5 click protection
3 x CE4 Clearomizers
1 x Stylish Ego Case (available in black, red or blue)
1 x Battery charger wall plug
1 x Battery charger usb cable
1 x Instructions
1 x refill bottle
2 x 30ml Tobacco E-juice – if we are out of stock of Tobacco flavor another flavor from our tobacco range will be sent
(if you would like a different flavor leave a note in checkout)


This kit we recommend for those seeking more vapor and a bigger throat hit. The variable voltage batteries allow you to regulate how strong and how much vapor is produced. Recommended for those smokers making the switch from 16mg cigarettes or higher.

This is our Premier Ego Starter Kit, it comes with 2 Ego 650mAh CTwist Variable Voltage Batteries and 2 of our Innokin 16D clearomizers as well as everything else you need to start vaping. The Innokin 16D is a great clearomizers and has the added bonus of replaceable coils which can be purchased right here for $2.50 each.The Twist battery and 16D Clearo work very well together, this combo creates great smoke and the ability to control how strong or weak you like it with the twist battery makes this kit an excellent buy for the first time vapor seeking a strong throat hit.
We provide 2 x 30ml bottles of juice with all our twin kits, we urge you to compare that to others in the industry. We guarantee you want find a more fully loaded kit for a better price.
Watch the videos below for a look at what is in the kit and instruction on how to use it.

Kit Contents
2 x 650mAh Ego Ctwist Batteries with 5 click protection
2 x Innokin 16D bottom coil clearomizer
2 x Innokin 16D replacement coil heads
1 x Stylish Ego Case (available in black, red or blue)
1 x Australian Battery charger wall plug
1 x Battery charger usb cable
1 x Instructions
1 x Refil bottle
2 x 30ml Tobacco flavored E-juice – if we are out of stock of Tobacco flavor another flavor from our tobacco range will be sent.
(if you would like a different flavour leave a note in checkout)


Eleaf has listened to the masses and the new iStick 30W delivers sub ohm vaping in a tiny package with a tiny price.
The Eleaf iStick 30W is capable of a maximum 30W Output, with a voltage range of 2-8V.
It is capable of firing down to 0.4 Ohms, making it handy for the new breed of Sub Ohm Clearomizers like the Atlantis and Subtank.
Chargeable via a mini USB port, this tiny mod is a powerhouse.
An LED Screen makes this little gem of a mod all the more impressive.
If your looking to partner this with a great clearomizer look no further than the Aspire Mini Nautilus, its an outstanding clearo and looks and performs great on the Istick.

Kit Inclusions:
1 x Eleaf iStick 30W 2200mAh Mod Battery
1 x Mini USB Charger
1 x 510-eGo Adapter
1 x AU Wall Plug

• Short circuit protection  • Automatic shutoff after ten seconds  • Low voltage protection  • Reads resistance down to 0.4 ohms!  • Up to 30 watts  • Comes with non-native charging cord  • Comes with non-native Ego adapter  • Voltage range 2V – 8V  • Wattage range 5W-30W PMAX  • 2200mAh capacity battery  • 510 threading  • Time to fully charge: 2.5 hours  • Charging current: 1A  • Charging voltage: 5V  • Variable wattage  • Dimensions: 77mm x 35.6mm x 23mm  • Weighs 0.2 lbs  • Variable voltage  • Mini USB charging port  • -/+ buttons for adjusting wattage/voltage

LED display shows:
Vape timer
Remaining battery life
Atomizer Resistance

Product Introduction:
iStick 30W is upgraded based on iSitck through expanding the range of output voltage and wattage. Under the support of 2200mAh battery capacity, it will give you great performance between 2V-8V or 5W-30W. Newly introduced spring connector, wear-resistant stainless steel thread, and streamlined design on top make iStick 30W more suitable for atomizers. More ever, the added button lock functionality protects the buttons and prolong their service life. iStick 30W is the one you deserve to own.

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