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Company Background

Deborah runs her own writing, editing and proofreading consultancy and offers you the reassurance and trust that what you have to say is clear, consistent and readily understood.

With over 25 years’ experience as a copy editor and proofreader, she is used to looking closely at the way students and writers express themselves, correcting inconsistencies, punctuation, grammar, spelling, formatting and typographical errors. She will alert you to possible technical errors, to unexplained jargon, arguments and the referencing that backs these up. She will also make suggestions where appropriate to ensure your text is easier to read and understand straightaway.

She covers print and digital publications, including essays, theses, study guides, technical guides, directories, annual reference material, websites, professional, business and government case studies and reports, magazines and newsletters, and academic research reports for a general readership.

Deborah works with students and writers from different backgrounds, mainly professional, government, business and humanities, and enjoys improving the way they express their ideas, thoughts and arguments. This includes for people where English is their second language.

She refers to style guides for specific projects including those from a student’s educational establishment, as well as the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) Guidelines for editing theses, the Australian Style Manual and the Australian Standards for Editing Practice. She uses the Macquarie Dictionary and other dictionaries as required.

Deborah lives in Sydney and has worked in London, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Singapore, with her own businesses and also in-house for large, corporate companies as well as small enterprises.

Her background also includes:

• a Science and Economics (Sociology) from the London School of Economics and Political Science an MA (Australian Studies) from the University of New South Wales

• being a professional member of the Society of Editors (NSW)

• a member of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd) communications working group

• attending IPEd’s bi-annual conferences

• updating her knowledge and skills via professional development courses including book editing and production, structural and copyediting, web editing, WordPress, ebooks and decoding XML: a practical guide for editors.


Deborah has worked as a managing and consulting editor on multi-author annual editions on infrastructure and planning, and on health reform, with experts in their fields and senior journalists, for the government division of international custom publisher, Faircount Media Group.

She has also worked as a copy and structural editor for a range of commercial publishers, professional associations and not-for-profit organisations on sustainability and city books, and brochures, medical technology and mental health publications, architecture and workplace digital media, and design websites. She edited a PhD on how to visualise the writing formats of two different languages. She has proofread countless publications over the years.

She also writes about design and architecture, culture and creativity, sustainability and the urban environment, and health and wellbeing.



For all text in whatever format and publication type, Deborah clarifies text, its detailed expression and formatting including heading levels. She elucidates the argument, though will not in any way change it but instead ask pertinent questions to make the student and writer think through their argument and references.

In ensuring the correct grammar and punctuation, she provides another pair of eyes, fresh but experienced, to point out inconsistencies. She will ask questions and will not evaluate or judge the work. She looks out for:

• a clear core message with the most important information upfront
• accurate information, with appropriate length and tone
• readability for your audience
• word use
• jargon and cliché
• sentence structure
• correct spelling and punctuation
• no typos
• logical, well thought-out structure
• illustrations, tables, charts and graphs that reflect and add to the text.


Proofreading is a final check for text and formatting errors and to ensure the editing has been correctly applied. Deborah uses track changes online and also does manual mark-ups using the Australian Style Manual.


Client Responses

Deborah worked closely with me on my thesis and made it highly accessible for the reader. She always raised meaningful questions regarding the objectives and concerns of each chapter in order to apply the most relevant changes. She quite significantly improved the flow and clarity of ideas within and across the chapters within the boundaries of the intended meanings of the arguments.
Soheil Ashrafi, PhD 2015 in spatial design

Deborah was a fantastic editor to work with during her time with Medical Technology Australia. Supportive, thorough and proactive in generating ideas, she oversaw a very a high calibre publication.
Martin Seneviratne, Junior Medical Officer, RPA Hospital, former member of the Australian Medical Students Association

Deborah showed patience, rigour and determination with the final edit and referencing.
Phil Abernethy, author of Certificate IV The Environmental Manager’s Toolkit

Deborah was engaged as the editor of TRANSFORMATIVE: The architecture of work culture, when the publication was being considered as a hard copy book. Her professionalism and attention to detail helped drive a very tight deadline and her flexibility as we changed course to produce an online version was commendable. Her writing and editing skills are of the highest order and I would recommend her for any type of editing or writing role from the very simple to the most complex and difficult.
Stella de Vulder, Public Relations Manager, BVN

My regard for Deborah Singerman as an editor stems from her collaborative work on a long essay I wrote for BVN (architects) in 2011-12. I’ve always valued the editing process in my writing. With an editor like Deborah you get attention to detail, checking of your referencing and, importantly, a non-judgemental extra pair of eyes that adds value to your work.
Andrew Metcalf, BVN architect and former Professor of Architecture, University of Canberra

I have rarely encountered an editor with such high levels of professionalism in the mechanics of her craft, and such support to the writer.
John McIlwraith, Freelance journalist

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