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Company Background

Createl Publishing: Setting the standard in teacher planners since 1997

Since 1997, when our very first dated Teacher’s Professional Diary appeared in Australian classrooms, Createl Publishing has continued to develop and publish a comprehensive range of teacher and student diaries spanning all year levels, from early learning to senior secondary.

Createl Publishing now boasts the largest range of teacher and student planners and accessories on the market, with friendly customer-focused staff and almost 20 years of expertise publishing practical planning solutions for students and educators.

At Createl Publishing, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the changing classroom landscape. We strive to create products to meet the constantly evolving needs of teachers and students, including eDiaries for those who prefer the convenience of an online planner.

As a company founded by teachers, our key motivation is ensuring that all students and educators have the best possible planning tools at hand to thrive in the classroom – let us show you why we are the trusted and professional choice for thousands of educators Australia-wide!

Planning for Success

Createl Publishing’s student diaries are the perfect planning tools for senior secondary students. Each diary contains comprehensive advice about time-management, setting goals, study tips and how to effectively use the planner to organise study and extra-curricular commitments.

Each weekly spread in our student diaries allows you to:

• record important reminders and notes
• record set homework tasks for each subject
• record due dates for each task
• tick off each piece of work due
• create a plan for your nightly homework and study

Time Management

Possessing good time management skills allows you to juggle study, work and social life with ease. The ability to manage your time is a skill you will use throughout your entire life, so there is no better time to perfect it than while studying!

Anticipate and plan

Make good use of your student diary by writing down all assessment tasks, due dates, study plans, social events etc. Remember to include some flexibility in your planning to account for any unforeseen circumstances.

Make a to do list

Creating a To Do list is a vital part of effective time management. List all things you need to do from most important to least important and tick things off as you complete them.

Break down tasks

By breaking a task down into smaller parts, it will be easier to manage and will seem less daunting! Create a schedule that includes how much time you will spend on each part and when you should have them completed. Allow enough time to review your work once you have completed it.

Don’t procrastinate!

Do you ever find yourself saying ‘Oh, I’ll just do it tomorrow’ when it comes to homework, and doing other things instead? This is called procrastination, and often results in homework and assignments being left to the last minute. Starting tasks early and giving yourself plenty of time before the due date means you are much more likely to produce work of a high standard.

Tips for Effective Study

The ability to study effectively is not something we’re born with. In fact, it is a skill that must be consistently developed over time. Anyone can improve their study habits – all it takes is positivity, perseverance and hard work!

The following tips will help you to improve your study habits:

Find a good place to study

Try to establish a regular place to study. You will need to set up a god study area that is quiet and free from distractions. It should be well-lit with a good flow of fresh air. Your desk should be tidy, organised and your study materials easily accessible.

Get organised

Create a study plan with time blocks of 30-60 minutes. Transfer your homework from your diary into your study plan, and be sure to take a short break after each study segment (don’t forget to include leisure time and other commitments in your plan). Using a study plan will help you become more organised – perhaps you might like to attach it to the wall above your desk so that you can clearly see how much study time you have each week.


“We have used Createl diaries in our college for several years now. Createl have always provided top quality diaries at very reasonable prices. The diaries are always full of useful tips for our students and have vibrant colours throughout. I would recommend Createl to any school looking for quality products, service and advice.”
Petrina Coco, Gilroy Santa Maria College.

“While the school diaries provided by Createl are an excellent means of communicating with our parents, they are also invaluable in teaching our students to be independent in their learning. Aspects of the diary that are customised to our school enable us to teach essential organisational skills. The week to a double page format allows ample room for our students to record homework and extra-curricular activities. Importantly, the pages that provide information on exam preparation and studying, amongst many other things, enable teachers to integrate the diary into lessons. It is reassuring to know that students are able to access and refer to this information at will.”
– Serene Eng, Hume Anglican Grammar.

“Createl are a fabulous company to deal with. Their student diaries and teacher diaries are excellent quality and value. The staff at Createl have always gone the extra mile to help us and as a result we have been dealing with Createl since around 2000. We don’t need to go anywhere else and highly recommend Createl Publishing for all your diary needs.”
– Joan Cardwell, River City Christian College.


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