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What is Trees Adventure ?

Trees Adventure is Australia’s premier Treetop Adventure experience. Our 3 parks, in Victoria and New South Wales feature exciting and challenging courses high in the tree canopy, that will have all the familly swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest allowing thrill seekers and nature enthusiasts to experience the trees like never before.
Our sessions run for 2 hours including training. Early arrival of around 20-30 minutes beforehand is important for gearing up so we can get you started on time. You will then get to choose which of the courses you would like to experience at Trees Adventure.


Zip between the trees at frightening speeds on our flying foxes – the longest more than 100m –, while cargo nets, rope bridges and wooden obstacles offer physical challenges high above the ground. There’s even an airborne skateboard!

During your Treetop adventure, the courses become increasingly difficult as you climb higher into the canopy, which means that you can find the right level to suit you from 4 years olds (*Glen Harrow’s starting agegroup is from 5 year olds) to 75 (our oldest known participant in Nowra is 82). So your kids will have fun 2 meters high in the Trees when your teens will be flying up to 20 meters. Quite scary !

Glen Harrow Park VIC

Glen Harrow Gardens:
Once Wurundjeri nation land, the estate now spans eight hectares of mostly forest alongside the Puffing Billy station in Belgrave. It features rare trees, including a magnificent 150-year-old Algerian Oak, used as the ‘home tree’ for the adventure courses, the gigantic Sequoia that rises sixty metres above the earth and two Chinquapin – the only known Japanese oaks in Victoria.

Opening time
>>> Open everyday : Last departure: 3 pm
>>> Monday to Friday : 11 am to 5 pm
>>> Saturday & Sunday : 9 am to 5 pm
>>> Christmas and new year’s day, Closed Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment

Grose River Park NSW

Grose River Park:
The Trees Adventure Grose River Park is located at the confluence of the Nepean and Grose River in Yarramundi. Yarramundi was the chief and doctor of the Richmond tribe (also known as the Buruberongal tribe) of the Darug people.

He and his father met Governor Phillip and established their family as the first aborigines to achieve significant milestones such as land grants, sanctioned mixed marriage and high levels of academic achievements.

All of the platforms are built on more than 70 Sydney Blue Gums (eucalyptus saligna), which borders both sides of the river. Going from one tree to the next you will hear the sound of the Bell Birds, watch the Sea Eagle family soar overhead while the Kookaburras laugh whilst you have fun in the trees.

Opening time
All year
>>> Wednesday to Sunday : 9 to 5 pm
Public and School holidays
>>> Monday to Sunday : 9 to 5 pm

Nowra Park:
Is located right inside Shoalhaven Zoo, so you’ll get a chance to see the camels from many of our platforms! You will also have a chance to take a look at more of the animals if you purchase a zoo pass (as this is not not included in your Trees Adventure pass)!

The traditional custodians of the land surrounding the Shoalhaven River, in its lower reaches, are the Aboriginal peoples of the Yuin nation. In the land north of the river, the people from the Wodi Wodi clan are the traditional custodians; while south of the river, the Wandi Wandian clan are the traditional custodians. Some of the culturally important Aboriginal places in the Shoalhaven include Coolangatta Mountain, Bundarwa (Beecroft Headland), Cambewarra Mountain, Didthul or Pigeon House Mountain, Kangaroo Valley, Burrill Lake, and Murramarang Aboriginal Area and its environs.

Opening time
Booking is essential
>>> Arrival 30-40 minutes prior to your selected session time.Public and School holidays
>>> Tuesday to Friday : 9am to 5pm
>>> Saturday & Sunday + public & school holidays : 9am to 5pm


Contact Us

Glen Harrow Park – Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave, VIC, 3152. We’re in the vicinity of Puffing Billy. We are a very tricky place to find! We’re tucked away in a residential area. Google Maps is the best way to locate us. Follow the signs to Puffing Billy and Glen Harrow Gardens (brown signs). Old Monbulk Rd turns into a steep residential dirt road after the train tracks of Puffing Billy, and our car park is at the top of the dirt road.

We are open 7 days a week (except for Christmas Day and New Years Day).
WEEKDAYS: 11am – 5pm.
WEEKENDS: 9am – 5pm.

Last session to depart is 3pm, 7 days a week.
Office hours are 9am – 5pm.
Parking is limited so please carpool as best as possible. Minibus access is available. Coach access to the site is unavailable, but the drop off point is down the road. Only toilets are located in the car park.


Tel: 03 9752 5354


Glen Harrow Park
Melbourne Old Monbulk Rd, Belgrave, Vic 3160.
Tel : (03) 9752 5354
E-mail :
Park Manager: Rebecca Williams
E-mail :

Grose River Park
Sydney200 Springwood Rd, Yarramundi , NSW 2753
Tel : (02) 4776 1226
E-mail :
Park Manager: Sophie Mulligan
E-mail :

Nowra Shoalhaven Park
Sydney 23 Rock Hill Road, North Nowra NSW 2541
Tel : (02) 4421 4830
E-mail :
Park Manager: Neil van Mastrigt
E-mail :