Company Background

“At my first class, I was surprised beyond words. Expecting to find a motley crew of teenagers, I was confronted with professional, supportive, knowledgeable and engaging instructors. They helped me believe in myself and do things I thought were beyond me. I was hooked.” – Student

There is a lot more to parkour than just ‘cool moves’. Doing these movements well and safely requires not only physical strength, but a mental toughness and willingness to push beyond your comfort zone. At Melbourne Parkour, our goal is not only to teach these technical movements but also the philosophies and attitudes behind why and how we train – to be useful and strong in all aspects of life, to train safely so we can train longer, and with respect to our urban and natural environments – keeping in mind that it’s important to have fun too!

Our workshops and classes are suitable for all ages and abilities. The non-competitive nature of parkour means you have the freedom to progress at your own pace, to find your best way of overcoming the obstacles in your path ( this reads kind of weird for me. i see it as emphasising that people can find their own personal way to move, but feels weird when i read it). No matter what your current fitness level, or how ‘physical’ you have been in the past, we can help you increase your physical and mental fitness simply by using your body and your environment in creative yet practical ways.

Melbourne Parkour has been around in one form or another since 2004. It’s members, along with Sydney and Canberra were instrumental in the creation of the Australian Parkour Association(APA), which is now the peak body for Parkour in Australia. Melbourne Parkour works in partnership with the APA, providing it with support and training to instructors from all over Australia. All Melbourne instructors are recognised under the APA Instructor qualification, which requires all instructors to be capable of delivering fundamental and advanced techniques, the philosophy of Parkour, and have current First Aid training and Working with Children checks. Melbourne Parkour is an incorporated association

Classes First Timers

First Timers

This class introduces you to some of the most important aspects of Parkour and training, and covers fundamental movements required in Parkour.
Kids aged between 5 – 12 are not required to attend first timers class, but are instead asked to go to kids classes. If for some reason they are unable to attend kids classes, they must attend first-timers.
It is only required that you attend first timers class once, but if you would like go through it multiple times that is fine.
When attending first timers you will need to fill out a waiver. You can download and print it from here, or fill on out at the class.

Classes of Parkour

Fundamentals of Parkour

You must have attended a First Timers class before attending a Parkour fundamentals class.
Parkour fundamentals classes cover all the fundamental movements of Parkour and many other aspects of Parkour including strength and conditioning training, stretching and the philosophy behind Parkour and the training methods involved.
Parkour fundamentals classes are suitable for all ages and skill levels, from those just starting out to the more advanced who may want to hone some of the more basic techniques.

Beyond Basics Parkour

You must have attended a First Timers class before attending a beyond basics class.
This session is free. Be aware that you are expected to keep up. We do not hold your hand on this one. If you get left behind then you find your own way home. The end time is not set, be prepared for anything. You are not specifically taught anything in this session, you train with the instructors and are expected to be competent enough to not need lengthy explanations or help. You have been warned.

Kids Parkour

Suitable for children aged between 5 – 15 of any skill level or physical ability, this class covers all the fundamental aspects of Parkour delivered in a more appropriate manner for kids. Kids DO NOT need to attend a first timers class before coming to a kids class.

Basics of Parkour

Parkour basics classes take what you have learnt from Fundamentals of Parkour classes and get you to apply it in different situations. The classes also show you various training methods and ideas used within Parkour practice, continuing to build upon your base and develop further as a practitioner of Parkour.

You must have a firm grasp of the fundamentals before attending basics classes as the fundamentals aren’t taught in this class, only progressions and variations on them.

Girls Parkour

Classes for girls only. No prior experience needed. You do not have to complete a First Timers to attend, as the First Timers class will be covered when you attend your first training session.

Booking is essential. If you do not book then you cannot always be guaranteed a place. You can still try your luck, but priority will be given to those who have booked a place.

Classes Scenario Training

You must have attended a First Timers class before attending a scenario training class.

Scenario training aims to test what works and what does not when it comes to reach and escape situations. Try to utilise Parkour when put under pressure and see what you need to work on to make your movement more effective. Different challenges are posed each week.


Contact Us

Tel: 1300 635 275


6 Riverside Quay, Melbourne VIC 3006

The meeting point for Sunday classes in and around the Melbourne CBD is across the road from the Eureka Tower situated on Riverside Quay. This is where you sign up for class and wait until the group heads off for training.

Coburg North

13 Guilfoyle Ave, Coburg North VIC 3058

The Trace Facility, situated in Coburg North, is the first indoor parkour gym in Australia and the home of the Australian Parkour Association in Melbourne.

All though the class is indoors and there is padding and safety matts available, though they will be very rarely used. We feel even though the class is indoor that it should be similar to outdoor training in that, in general, things are hard and unforgiving. Training in a padded environment can build unrealistic confidence and poor technique which will negatively affect your ability to train outdoors.


Every class held in Ormond meets in E.E. Gunn Reserve, at the Scout hall 3 min walk from Ormond Station. The Scout hall is located near the corner of Foch St and Newham Grv.

Classes will run regardless of any weather conditions.


601 Little Collins
Meet out the front of 601 Little Collins Street

External Locations

A place of your choosing
We can come to you, or a place of your choosing. Be aware that it needs to be suitable for the purposes of running a training session. You may be asked to provide, video or photographic footage to check if the location is suitable for the needs of the training.