Company Background

We’re an innovative, Australian-owned creative printing hub. We’re so into t-shirts that when we’re not printing them, we’re off scouring the globe for ways to make t-shirts more awesome. So, when people ask us what we do and we say‘ Oh, we travel theworld chasing trends and looking for nspiration’, most people want to punch us squarely in the throat. But stay with us here, we do it for you! You see, these travels have taught us that customers are much smarter these days. You’re savvy. You don’twant to be told what to wear. You’ve got ideas of your own. Good ones. And that, my friend, is precisely where we come in.
We offer a super user-friendly resource for designing customised shirts online. Because the way we figure it, everyone should have access to the magical world of digital printing without it costing a kidney.


custom tshirt printing
one off tshirt printing
screen printing
bulk printing
open your own online shop
event shirts
mug, hat, bag and tea towel printing

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