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Russell Macarthur Taekwondo and Hapkido has been running in Brisbane for approximately 30 years. During that time the club has seen rapid expansion and is currently one of the biggest in Queensland. The growth of the club is mainly attributed to the clubs philosophy of putting students first, giving them value for money and operating the club as a club, not a business.

The club’s philosophy is on the true values of Taekwondo and it is widely recognized for the very high standard of etiquette within the club. The club promotes very high Taekwondo standards, both physical and mental and we have a very low turn over rate of black belts. Many students within the clubs have been members for over 20 years. The club is also very community minded and supports a number of charities. In 2008 the club raised funds to give a 6 year old blind boy a new state of the art Mountbatten Typewriter. The club sponsors a host of very worthwhile causes.

Russell Macarthur originally started training at the Macgregor Club in the late 70s originally under Mr Ken Mayfield and then later under Master Dale Eagling until his unfortunate passing. This club continues to operate under the Master Dale Eagling syllabus and has close ties with Dale Eagling Taekwondo. His master has continued to be Mr Sung Soo Lee, 9th Dan Taekwondo and 9th Dan Hapkido since the beginning.

Russell Macarthur is a internationally recognized Master Instructor 7th Dan and has been Australia’s representative on the world political stage for the past 6 years holding positions such as National Secretary General, Member of the High performance board with the Australian Sports Commission, Taekwondo Delegate to the Australian Olympic Committee, Committee member of the World Taekwondo Federation which encompasses over 90 countries and over 50 million practitioners, Representative on the Asian Taekwondo union too name a few. Awarded a citation in 2007 from the president of the World Taekwondo Federation for services to Taekwondo comes on the back of receiving the Australian Sports Medal from Hon John Howard. He has been the Head of Team on many occasions to countries such as Vietnam, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Spain, Korea , Hong Kong, New Zealand to name a few.

The club’s motto is:
“Self Improvement through Self Discipline”.

The club offers an extremely safe environment in which to train with safety our number 1 priority.

Throughout the club it is evident that instructors put students first without question and never compromise their loyalty. The true values of Taekwondo in terms of etiquette, compassion, loyalty, friendship and equality are considered to be non-flexible.


• Self Defence classes
• Tournament classes
• Weapons classes
• Anti bullying classes- Security services
• Hall hire services – We sell uniforms and equipment

Students Information Sheet

Welcome to our club and thank you for your interest.
It’s important to mention at the outset that ‘This is a club not a business.” The club culture here is much different to those commercial martial arts clubs where there you are just a number and they are keen to take your money.

We don’t have minimum training periods, don’t sign you up for contracts, and don’t charge annual fees. It’s strictly month by month at the best prices in the market.

Our prices are 50% less than our competitors.
Here you will be a very important part of the club community.

We are the biggest club in Qld and our retention rate for students is the envy of many.
Why? Because we are here to teach you and provide those opportunities you are looking for.

The club boasts over 25 locations. All instructors are senior black belts with many being in the club for over 15 years.

Everyone is treated equally and everyone is trained according to their ability to attain the maximum for you. We cater for your fitness and age levels. We have students in the 70’s training. We operate on a very high level of respect and discipline as outlined by our club oath:

“I will be loyal to my Instructor and Club
Demonstrate Modesty, Self-restraint, Humility
High moral standards and Integrity”
First Month Free!

You have the opportunity to train for a 1 month free trial giving you access to over 25 free classes not just the 1st night free. Forget free uniform gimmicks, you pay for them in the end.

Annual Fees – We don’t have any! – Our competitors do!

Training times.
Training times here aren’t 45 minutes classes like other clubs where you spend half the time doing push ups. Our 90 minutes classes provide a high level of tuition and sufficient time for you to practice what you learnt, before going home.

Training fees.
We are at least 50% of the cost of our competitors plus we offer sessions twice as long.

Training fees are due for payment at the first training session of the month as follows: (Train as often as you like)
• Students / Pensioners $60.00 per month
• Adults $70.00 p/mth
• 3 Children $90.00 p/mth
• 2 Adults + 1 Child $95.00 p/mth
• 2 Adults $90.00 p/mth
• 2 Children $85.00 p/m
• 1 Adult + 1 Child $85.00 p/mth
• Maximum Family Rate $100.00 p/mth

This means that Mum, Dad and the kids can all train together at a maximum rate of $100 for the entire family per month.


As an internationally recognised school, gradings are conducted in accordance with the World standard which is 4 times per year.

• Scheduled March, June, September and December (World Standard)
• Instructors recommend students for grading.

The grading syllabus is available on our club website via your student login.

We use the world recognised belt system of 5 colours being white, yellow, Blue, Red and Black.

Unlike others, we don’t create our own belt system e.g. green, purple, brown etc. as a means to take your hard earned cash. There are 9 levels from white to Black belt which is the world standard.

Special Offers

We offer the best student rates in the market at $60 pcm ( no contracts or terms ) with unlimited training per month . Max family rate is $100 pcm

We offer the best student rates in the market at $60 pcm ( no contracts or terms ) with unlimited training per month . Max family rate is $100 pcmchase a video. $20 student discount.


Internationally recognised by the World Taekwondo Federation , Kukkiwon headquarters Korea, Jidokwan School Korea, Sports Taekwondo Australia and Taekwondo Qld inc.

Contact Us

Address: P.O. Box 4072, Eight Mile Plains Qld 4113 Australia
Tel Free: +61 1800 123 558
Mobile: 0413 873 397