Company Background

What is the Nerd Cave?

The Nerd Cave is a place for gaming in all its forms. Do you pwn PC games? Love your Xbox? Play your Playstation? How about slinging those Magic cards? Do you find your hands around an arcade joystick often? If you answered yes to one or more of these, The Nerd Cave is the place for you!

We are a dedicated gaming space, focused on bringing people together in a safe, friendly environment.


Ben A.K.A Ace_Core
Ben likes first person shooters and long walks on the beach. His love of gaming comes from, what he calls that greatest era of gaming ever, The Counter Strike Era.


Tau A.K.A Siouxdenim
Avid card gamer and Xbox maniac Tau can be found nerding out somewhere either ripping up some Halo or maybe reading a comic or two. He is always down for a card duel so you best check yourself!


Dave A.K.A Psykopig
Dave is a gamer of games. He plays everything. When we say everything, we mean everything. On a day-to-day though, you will likely find him grinding an MMO or RPG somewhere. He is a jack of all trades! Poke him to find out!


Josh A.K.A JCR412
Josh has a huge love for Magic, comics and gadgets. He will be around, playing something, reading something or science’ing something, so go ask him what he’s building!


The gaming that we do is:
Trading Cards
Board Games