Company Background

KickTactics is a Muay Thai & Boxing training gym in St Peters/Newtown, Sydney, Australia

KickTactics is not just a boxing and Muay Thai gym, we are a big family of people pushing one another to achieve both group and individual fitness goals. We thrive on each other’s enthusiasm and energy, plus there is always someone friendly who can help advise on your training. You will not find any egos and attitudes, the only requirement is a commitment to enjoying yourself. Contact us now, your first lesson is free!



About Kick / Muay Thai Pad Work Classes

KickTactics Muay Thai classes offer a loaded work rate, increased fat burning as well as a fun class that will help you tone your upper & lower body while mastering an effective martial art.

Thai Boxing uses punches, kicks, knees and elbows. The use of the bigger leg muscles combined with the use of the hands and elbows makes this class a complete full body work out. Perfect for increasing your flexibility, fitness, co-ordination and confidence!

These classes are also authentic Muay Thai boxing classes & are a great way to get fit, lose weight, gain better co-ordination and learn an effective SELF DEFENCE. But be warned… Don’t expect pre choreographed, unrealistic moves. We teach informative sessions from complete beginner to experienced Thai boxers in a welcoming yet professional environment. More Details


Boxing Training and Fitness

Improve your fitness and burn fat with our high-intensity, low-impact Boxing classes, whilst learning to fight and defend yourself – weather that be in the ring or on the street.

A Kick Tactics boxing class is NOT “boxercise” and it’s non-contact/pads only. We have plenty of sparring classes you can aspire to, but it all starts here.

In these classes we aim to teach you the correct boxing techniques while still making sure you are having fun. More Details


Strength and Conditioning training

Burn up to 1000 calories with this high intensity and energising mix of Strength, Cardio, power, core and flexibility. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness will become your new best friend, you’ll be absolutely addicted to this program and leave with a buzz every time!

This class is designed for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. More Details

Special Offers

We offer a student discount on our Gold (unlimited/no contract) membership. It’s $26 instead of $39 2/3rds of the price!


– Anthony Matsuko
“ KickTactics could not have opened sooner for me. After many years of gym training, I was looking for something more exciting, different and stimulating. I love the physical challenge and the classes help develop and build skills and technique in both Muay Thai and boxing.
Since becoming a member I have lost weight, gained muscle but most importantly I’ve improved my fitness, flexibility and wellbeing.
The staff are warm and welcoming and are always available for a friendly chat or to offer some one on one advice.”

– Josephine Romeo
“ I walked into Kick Tactics with a will to push myself and learn something new – within a month my fitness increased and both my boxing and Muay Thai technique had improved. I find the team of instructors helpful and not intimidating – the gym has an easygoing feel and there are no egos here.
So for anyone who is bored of standard gyms, wants to get fit, learn and have fun then this is the place for you! Thanks guys – as a Newtown local and boxing enthusiast, Kick Tactics is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood.”

– Piya Plubari
“ I joined the gym on the 25 July 08. I was 170 cm tall and weighed 120 kg, when I started training. I was obviously overweight, unmotivated, tired. After 4 months, I have lost 20 kgs and now feel better than ever.
My goal was to lose weight and get myself in shape. A sense of fulfilment, self discipline, mental strength and more self confidence which are the effects from consistent training allow me to be more easily deal with the day to day stuff that we all experience.
My journey to just lose weight had led me further than I have ever thought possible and allowed me to meet some great people and still have fun a long the way.”

– Frank Walsh
“ Having been a member of various gyms offering more traditional cardio/ weights based fitness, Kick Tactics offers something different that keeps me coming back each week.”

– Dan
“ Kick Tactics is a great way to keep fit and learn a life skill that will increase you confidence and over all well being.”

– Chris Newbold
“ Kick Tactics is the best gym that i have been to, to date. Their knowledge and willingness to teach is unbeatable. It is a great friendly environment for every one.”

– Rod
“ Kick Tactics is one of the most friendly places to work out! Instructors know your name and greet you which makes you feel very welcome. Classes are fun & challenging, i feel i have gained fitness and muscle strength after every class. Totally recommended! ”


Contact Us

Address: 70 Princes Highway St Peters, Sydney NSW 2044



Tel: 1300 348 367