Company Background

Jet Flight Simulator is now in its fifth year as Australia’s only privately owned and operated flight simulator based on the Boeing 737-800NG.

As a qualified pilot, Daniel Giron, has always wanted to share the thrill of flying with others. This is why over 6 years ago he started developing an exact replica of a 737-800 cockpit. Daniel installed the first simulator on the Gold Coast 5 years ago and the success far exceeded his greatest expectations Jet Flight Simulator’s headquarters is located on the Gold Coast, where the manufacturing, assembly and testing takes place. Each device is manufactured to the specifications of our customers. Our team have many years of experience in the aviation industry and continuously aim at improving and updating the devices to keep up with cockpit developments.

Due to the overwhelming popularity, Daniel opened two more simulators in Brisbane in 2011 to meet customer demand. The business has continued to grow from strength to strength, making our decision easy to market the product Australia wide. In 2012, Jet flight simulator has opened its doors in Adelaide and Perth, with 2 more due to open shortly in Sydney and Melbourne. Since exploring international opportunities we have received huge interest from Europe, the US, Asia and the Middle East.


Our business is to provide a fun and realistic experience for example Fly in a replica Boeing 737-800NG with an experienced qualified pilot by your side. Enjoy learning how to take off and cruise, before performing a landing.

You can choose between 22,000 virtual airports to land at, including some of the most dangerous runways in the world.

You can also try landing in wild weather like real pilots and explore the functionality of auto pilot.

You take the controls and prepare for take off!

Pilots Packages

Jet Flight Simulator is excited to introduce the “Pilot’s Package.” We like to cater for customers that love to come back or the customer that is interested in trying something a little bit different. Choose from 3 different 1.5 hour long packages or get all 3 at a discounted price for you to use at your leisure.

Become a Pilot in Command

Your instructor will assume the First Officer position so you can feel what it’s like to take complete control in the coveted Captain’s seat. Become a pilot in command to truly recreate a genuine multi crew flight deck experience. Take off, punch through the clouds and feel the amazing exhilaration that will remain deep in your memories for the rest of your life.

Choose from over 22,000 airports

As well as simulated time of day or night…including all types of weather conditions ranging from clear sunny skies to thunderstorms, heavy rain and even snow.


30 Min Flight $179

This is a fantastic gift idea for any one wishing to get a taste of what it is like to fly a big jet liner. The session includes a briefing from the instructor covering the basic flight instruments and flight controls prior to take-off. All 30min flights put you at the controls and will include at least 1 take-off and landing and will also cover basic aircraft handling skills and some basic navigation skills.


60 Min Flight $299

The 60 min session allows for a more in depth look at the aircraft and its systems on board. The session will begin with a briefing from the instructor and cover flight instrumentation and flight controls. This session also allows for a more in depth look at the systems available to the pilots and procedures implemented prior to and during flight. You will be able to choose at least 2 different flight locations around the world if you wish and add the challenge of different weather conditions. This session can also include instrument approaches and engine failures.


90 Min Flight $399

This is a session for the “Plane Crazy “ aviator, in this session there will be a comprehensive coverage of all flight systems, navigation data and flight controls. The choice of airports is all yours including any weather conditions available and time of day in the simulated environment. Different approach styles will be covered from Visual Approach’s, ILS approach’s and more. The auto-pilot systems are also covered and the person flying will be invited to manipulate the auto pilot for various flight stages, navigation and approach sectors.


Contact Us

Address: 45-51 Huntely Street, Alexandria. NSW. 2015


Tel: 0400 341 244