Company Background

About Semester in Australia

Semester in Australia’s directors, Ann and Suzanne, have a combined total of 25 years’ experience working with universities and international students. In 2008, Suzanne and Ann had several overseas universities asking for help with housing for their students who were about to study in Australia. And this is how Semester in Australia was born. They decided to start a housing service to help students secure their off-campus rental accommodation room before arriving in Australia. They both felt this would save students the anxiety of spending weeks searching for off-campus rental accommodation and competing against other newly arrived international students.

Meet Ann Wadsworth, Director

With over 15 years of experience, Ann has extensive knowledge of all aspects of the Study Abroad process in Australia, from being a study abroad student herself, to working at Australian universities, to working with American organizations and universities. Originally from Boston, Ann was an American student who studied abroad in Australia way back in 1990 and so began her love of Australia and all things Australian. After her year of studying abroad she returned to Australia in 1992 to live and work. Ann spent the next 10 years working at two Australian universities as their manager of Study Abroad and Exchange Programs: Flinders University of South Australia (Adelaide) and The University of Queensland (Brisbane), traveling extensively throughout North America, South America and Europe. In 2003, Ann began working with Dickinson College (Pennsylvania, USA) and Washington University – St Louis as their on-site Program Director for their students studying abroad at the University of Queensland. This includes writing comprehensive pre-departure and arrival guides to assist these students with preparing for a semester of Study Abroad in Australia. Ann is still managing their programs at the University of Queensland to this day, looking after anywhere from 30 – 45 students each semester.

Ann has co-presented at regional NAFSA Conferences, National NAFSA Conferences, and presented at an Australian ISANA Conference
“I love Australia and wish every student had the opportunity to study here as it is an amazing nation, with fantastic universities that provide students with a first-class education and an experience that will last a lifetime!”

Meet Suzanne Geraghty, Director

A native Queenslander, Suzanne Geraghty has worked with international students for more than 15 years. Suzanne studied Marketing, Communications and Public Relations at Bond University in the Gold Coast, and went on to work in International Education for 4 of Australia’s leading Universities in 3 different cities. Suzanne has lived and worked overseas, and travelled to over 40 countries. After 3 years working as the Study Abroad and Exchange Advisor in the University of Queensland, she lived and worked on and off in the UK until 2003. She has experienced first hand “being homeless overseas” and knows looking for a place to live while studying and living abroad can be challenging. After her return to Australia, she became the Manager for Study Abroad and Exchange at Griffith University Gold Coast & Brisbane. Since then, she has been in charge of Study Abroad and Exchange for University of Sydney, and Marketing and Development Manager at Sancta Sophia College within the University of Sydney. Her extensive experience with international education also includes being in charge of International Partnerships for Griffith University Gold Coast & Brisbane and consulting for Australian Catholic University. Realising the amount of student housing support available is limited, she wanted to create a service that would help students. She believes SiA’s services are very unique because they are based on extensive experience working with international students.
“I love the fact that every time I talk about SiA the first thing everyone says is WHAT A GREAT IDEA!”

Accommodation Service

We want to really show that we offer a full student accommodation service in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne.

Student accommodation in Australia may be very different from what you’re used to. Australian universities provide little or no housing to students. As a result, securing a room before you land in Australia can be difficult. In fact, Australian universities suggest that international students arrive two to three weeks early so they have enough time to find housing before classes start.

With our help, you can go straight from the airport to your new Aussie home

Let us take the hassle, time and uncertainty out of finding the perfect place to live in
Gold Coast

We provide prearranged, fully-furnished rental accommodation that you normally wouldn’t be able to secure outside of Australia.
Book your student accommodation with Semester in Australia before land and you can count on our unique housing service when you arrive. This includes:

Great value accommodation
Handy locations
Readymade social network
Ongoing support
Trustworthy reputation

Semester in Australia do not own the properties, we simply provide a housing service that past residents rave about. We search out and secure suitable student accommodation from a pool of independently owned apartments and houses in the suburbs surrounding your university’s campus.