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Company Background

Established in 2003, Intelligent Health Systems was born out of the idea to provide innovative, effective, safe, affordable and easy to use products to help prevent and treat simple day-to-day health issues.

From our humble beginnings, Intelligent Health Systems now sources and distributes products all over the world.

Our products are tested and registered with the A.P.V.M.A.

Achieving customer satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we have hundreds of testimonials telling us that our products do just this.


Mozzigear-product1 Mosquito Bands – Adult size 2 pack Plain (RRP: $7.95 / student price: $6.00)
Mozzigear-product2 Mosquito Bands – Adult size Value (6) pack plain (RRP: $19.95 / student price $15.00)
Mozzigear-product3 Mosquito bands – Adult size Night Glo 2 Pack (RRP: $7.95 / student price $6.00)
Mozzigear-product4 Mosquito Bands – Kids Size 2 Pack Plain (RRP: $7.95 / student price $6.00)
Mozzigear-product5 Mosquito bands – Kids Size value (6) pack Plain (RRP: $19.95 / student price $15.00)
Mozzigear-product6 Mosquito Patches (RRP: $9.95 / student price $7.50)
Mozzigear-product7 Mosquito Wipes (RRP: $9.95 / student price $7.50)
Mozzigear-product8 Mosquito Repeller (RRP: $19.95 / student price $15.00)
Mozzigear-product9 Mosquito Click (Treatment) (RRP: $19.95 / student price $15.00)

Special Offers

• Free pack of wipes with every $20 spent


Contact Us

Ground Floor, 280 Auburn Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122
Opening hours etc office hours 8.00am – 4.30pm.


Tel: +61 (3) 98181229