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Company Background

Au Pair Australia is an accredited Au Pair agency established in 2008 and based in Sydney. Our au pair program offers the most extensive range of countries for Australians going overseas. A Gap Year is a great way to enhance your studies or career development, and step out to discover more about yourself and the world. The pressure of choosing a career path before finishing high school can be very challenging, and many students feel they lack real-life experience to make informed decisions. Rustic Pathways Gap Year programs offer students a purposeful bridge to the wider world. Students excel after successfully completing a Gap Year, and the stories they tell resonate with both employers and university admissions boards. Au Pair World collaborates with Au Pair Australia to offer gap year programs.


Au pair Australia offers placements abroad to native English speakers throughout Europe and Canada With Au pair Australia you have the security of knowing that the family you are going to has been thoroughly checked out. They have been given guidelines as to having an au pair or nanny living with them in their home. They are aware of the number of hours you may help and your entitlements, in the same way that you will be guided before you leave for your host family.

We help you prepare for your interviews by telephone or Skype with prospective families, to talk through with Au pair Australia what you have learned in the interview, and to discuss your thoughts about the family before making your decision to accept a placement with them or not.

Provided an application meets the requirements of a program, such as age, education, non smoking, ability to drive, the number of months required by the program, good physical and mental health, no criminal record then Au pair Australia is able to guarantee a placement.

Au pair in Canada

Au pair in Canada– There’s nothing better than exploring big old Canada. Canada is a country in North America consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Some of the many things Canada is known for is its hockey games, cold weather, pristine nature, maple syrup and of course the Canadian goose. It is also known for its beautiful scenery and the Pacific Ocean which stretches to the Atlantic. This country offers many opportunities for both travellers and au pairs!. READ MORE

Au Pair in the UK

Au Pair in the UK – Who wouldn’t want to spend a year in London? Many of the host families live in London with a vast majority of au pairs that live close by. There is many things to do in London including; strawberry picking and cream at Wimbledon, Ladies day out at the Glastonbury, and just a short distance away you hop across the channel from France and the rest of Europe for frequent weekend- breaks. READ MORE

Au pair in France

The north of France is reputed for its warm, friendly people and has a high student population. It has a rich industrial past, particularly in the textile trade, and has an important place in the French economy. It is also at the forefront of new technologies. Culture too is high on the agenda, particularly this year with Lille designated European capital of culture. READ MORE

Au pair in Germany

Germany is a vibrant country that mixes Old World charm with modern sensibilities. We provide opportunities to be an au pair in Berlin, Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich and other locations throughout the country. Working as an au pair, you’ll have the opportunity improve your language skills and cultural awareness while exploring Germany and beyond. READ MORE

Au pair in Spain

With its sunny climate, joyful culture and richly textured history, Spain is a truly amazing place to live as an au pair. Our placements are generally in the areas of Madrid or Valencia and range between two to twelve months in length (placements over three months will generally be close to Madrid).

Au pair in Ireland

Au pair in Ireland – Ireland is the go to place now- a-days. Although it may seem small in size it is definitely a place you will not forget! Many of the host families are situated in Dublin. This spectacular city has more than enough things to do including; surfing in Donegal, visiting the country, and celebrating the oyster festival in Galway. What’s not to love? READ MORE

Au Pair in the Netherlands (Holland)

Au Pair in the Netherlands (Holland) – The Dutch also referred to as Netherlanders share a common culture and speak the Dutch language. The Dutch people are very open and direct with people and expect the same in return. Often many tourists misunderstand them because they mistake there directness with being rude.

The Netherlands is a very small country a large part of the country is situated below sea level. This country is one of the go- to-places for young people with lots of fun and exciting things to do. Dance music is a big deal in Amsterdam, and the dance festival season goes from the very first day of summer till the end of Autumn. Many of the top name festivals happen in Amsterdam with world famous DJ’s performing centre stage. READ MORE

Au pair in Italian

Do you want to be part of the Italian culture? As an Au pair you will take part in the everyday life of a Italian family. This is a wonderful opportunity to experience a different culture and to broaden your horizons. Italy has an incredible quantity of opportunities to offer. Art cities high mountains, lakes, and a beautiful coastline. People mostly live in towns and villages.The transportation system however, is highly developed.

The family unit is very important in Italy. Families are generally with two or three children. Most families own their own home or apartment. Over one third also own or share a second house in the mountains or by the sea. Spending week end time in these is a favourite family activity. The Italian family is very happy to host English mother tongue, because they always want to improve their English knowledge and make to learn the language to their children as soon as possible. Among Italian children and teenagers it is common to be a member of a sports club, or attending some sport lessons. Most families prefer female applicants and non-smokers. It is excellent if you have some knowledge of Italian, but not necessary. READ MORE


– Age 18 – 30

– be unmarried and have no children

– be flexible, friendly and open

– be happy to help with childcare and light housework, usually up to 30 hours per week

– be fit and healthy

– no criminal record

What does the AuPair Get?

Aupair receives access to our Online Au pair and Nanny Training Course dedicated to Childcare Development & Nanny Roles
Full board and food
Receives weekly pocket money
2 full days off /week
Entitled to 1 – 2 week’s paid leave for every 6 months worked
Support from local partner agency
Au pair meet ups with other local au pairs
Au Pair Welcome Pack with cook book included
An Au Pair certificate when you have fulfilled your stay

Special Offers – Our Gap Year program is usually $600, but for limited time only the program work in Australia is FREE


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