Company Background

Antipodeans Abroad is Australia and New Zealand’s most experienced and much-loved student and youth travel company specialising in volunteer work overseas, gap year programs and educational travel. For over 20 years we’ve been giving students the experience of local life in another country through curated travel experiences and international volunteering in over 30 destinations.

Our programs let you walk in the shoes of a local and contribute to their community – as you work, explore and immerse yourself in their culture. Whether you’re volunteering as part of a team running health clinics for villagers in remote Laos; teaching English to children in Fiji; or living with a local family in homestay accommodation in Peru, each experience will be unlike anything you find in a regular travel guide.

Volunteer overseas in reputable community projects

Antipodeans long-standing relationships with local communities (some more than 20 years) means that our volunteer projects and placements that are part of that community’s broader development plans – and are not token.

Placements include working or volunteering with local people in the areas of education, health care, social work, conservation and building. Our Australian team collaborates closely with in-country partners to research to ensure the impact and safety of our placements. Extensive risk management systems and process ensure our programs are carefully structured and managed.

Before departure we run training workshops to prepare participants. While away, they have 24-hour back up via our in-country partners and Australian or New Zealand offices.

Programs with an educational foundation

Antipodeans programs have a distinct educational underpinning. Our founder is a teacher, our team includes educators and we have strong relationships with schools and universities across Australia and New Zealand.

This means our programs tie in with the educational priorities of schools and tertiary institutions. Many of our overseas volunteer placements are eligible for course credit; and help students gain practical experience that serves as a career advantage.



Want to gain practical work experience to compliment your studies as you volunteer overseas? The Antipodeans Abroad UniBreak Program is a four-week international volunteering placement for tertiary-age students that runs during uni holidays.

Find yourself immersed in vibrant community life and culture as you volunteer overseas and live among local people. You’ll be contributing to a community while gaining hands on experience relating to your field of study or interest area.

You will be challenged and rewarded as you volunteer in resource poor settings where you’ll need to think on your feet and problem solve each day. Through all this, you’ll be making meaningful connections and life-long friendships with locals and other Antipodeans volunteers.


Choose a UniBreak international volunteering or paid destination from a wide range of countries. You can volunteer in Africa, Asia, South East Asia and South America.

• Africa Combo
• India
• South Africa
• Canada Camp
• Fiji
• Vietnam
• Canada Ski
• Maldives
• Vietnam (paid)
• Cambodia
• Mozambique
• China
• Nepal
• Fiji
• Peru
• Ghana


Antipodeans Abroad has been working with the same communities across 30 countries for a long time – some for more than 20 years. We have deep relationships with local community members and work in partnership to create international volunteering placements that directly respond to their community’s needs. It means our projects are worthwhile for both the community – and the volunteer.

In each destination, our tight network of Partners help oversee all aspects of the UniBreak program – accommodation and orientation; health and safety; management of the volunteering placement and travel advice. These Partners, together with our Australian team, provide students with support and are on call 24-hours a day for the duration of the placement.

We offer overseas volunteering and paid placements for students in the following areas:

• Teaching
• Health care
• Building
• Conservation
• Care & social work
• Sports coaching
• Community development

Dates & Costs

UniBreaks depart during University holidays in January, June and November. Costs are kept to a minimum for students and cover the majority of aspects of the program including accommodation, meals, transfers, 24 hour back up and training and preparation.

Volunteer placements: 2015 Dates & Prices
Paid placements: 2015 Dates & Prices

Scholarships, Financial Assistance & Course Credit

Travel grants, bursaries and scholarships may be available to assist you in funding your time volunteering overseas. Find out what your university has available to students who plan to volunteer abroad. Typically financial assistance for travel is arranged through the university’s Scholarships or Financial Office.

You may also be eligible to gain credit for your UniBreak placement. Many universities have flexible internship or community service subjects that are credited as part of the course. For example, the University of Adelaide Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has an elective subject available to all students within the faculty. We recommend you contact your faculty to find out what may be available to you.



Want to get off the tourist trail, live like a local and experience a new and exciting country as you travel on your gap year? Then Antipodeans Abroad GapBreak is for you. Our gap year program includes overseas volunteering and work experience for school leavers.

Have the time of your life as you actually live among locals while contributing to a community in a real and tangible way.

On a GapBreak you can teach English in a local school; work on building and conservation projects; take a job at a summer camp or ski resort. We’ve got plenty of gap year ideas to suit your interests and passions! Our gap year programs are one to six months in length, and depart all year round so you’re sure to find something perfect for you.

We run a series of Application Meetings to help match candidates with gap year volunteer projects and destinations. At the Application Meeting you will have a one-on-one consultation with an Antipodeans gap year travel expert either face-to-face or over the phone. By participating in a consultation you are given priority over other applicants for your first preference of volunteer project and destination.


We’re hosting a special Information Night following the HSC & Careers Expo! Bring your friends and family along to find out more about GapBreak 2016, and what programs we have on offer. If you’re attending the expo, come and say hi at Stand 109!

7.00pm Wednesday 3 June 2015
Level 3 / 182 Blues Point Rd McMahons Point NSW 2060
(Non-expo attendees also welcome to attend)


We offer GapBreak volunteer and work projects in South America, Asia, Africa, North America & Europe!

• Argentina
• China
• Africa Combo
• Canada
• Brazil
• India
• Ghana
• United Kingdom
• Peru
• Nepal
• South Africa
• Mozambique


Antips has created an inspiring collection of voluntary and work (paid) projects that will truly stir your soul.

Volunteer projects

All gap year volunteer programs are thoroughly researched and developed in conjunction with Community Partners in each country – some of whom we’ve been working with for more than 20 years. It means you will work on projects that respond to a real community need making them worthwhile for both the locals – and the volunteer.

Our Partners will help manage your volunteering placement; provide travel advice; oversee health and safety; and look after accommodation including inspecting home stays (where applicable) prior to your arrival. These Partners, together with out Australian team, are on 24-hour call for the duration of your placement and ensure everything runs smoothly.

• Building
• Community development
• Teaching
• Conservation
• Care & social work

Work projects

In destinations such as Canada and China you can earn money while you travel. We have opportunities for students to work at summer camp jobs, snow season jobs and TESL placements (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Summer Camp Leader
Ski & Snowboard Instructor
Teaching English (TESL project)

How is the program structured?

Participants typically travel as part of a team of five -15 people and depending on the destination, you may be placed in a home-stay with a local family or in student accommodation.

Each project varies but you will most likely find yourself working with locals or as part of a volunteer team during the week. Weekends are your time to travel with fellow volunteers and soak up your surroundings. From Himalayan treks and bicycle tours to Amazon jungle adventures, participants make the most of their free time to explore the country during their gap year travel.

Dates & Costs

GapBreak adventures depart throughout the year. Choose from one to six month placements.

Costs are kept to a minimum for students and cover the majority of aspects of the program including accommodation, meals, transfers, 24 hour back up, training and preparation.


Foundation member of the Council of Australian Student Exchange Organisations (CASEO)

“We were well prepared for a new member of our family by attending orientation sessions, so we knew about the honeymoon period followed by a period of adjustment, a settled-in time and the wrench of departure of what will now always be our de-facto child”
Sara (VIC) YFU Host Mother

“My wife and I had been considering hosting a student for some time, but were initially of the opinion that it would be better to wait for our daughter, who is nine, to get to her teenage years. As a family we talked it over and decided that we would give it a try and host a student, we picked a young girl from Uruguay called Valentina. Vale settled into our family and became a big sister for our own daughter. Through her we learnt a lot about a country we knew little about, and our own daughter grew so much through the whole experience, both through learning about another country and showing a visitor to our own land around and teaching her about the kiwi way of life. The hardest part of the whole experience was seeing her off to go back home, she had became a part of our family, a friend to so many, and a big sister to our own daughter. We still keep in touch and Vale is planning a visit back here in the near future, as we see it we now have extended our family to beyond our shores.”
Peter (NZ) YFU host father

“We loved our student. It was an enriching and rewarding experience to have shared cultural and personal experiences and many happy times doing things and being together. Wouldn’t have swapped it for anything.”
David and Cathy (NSW) YFU host parents

“When our student Ana, from Argentina returned home, she left all of these messages hidden around our house. For weeks, we were finding messages of goodwill that she had left and she left them in the most unlikeliest of places. Under a sauce bottle or in the bookcase between 2 books, etc”
Gary (QLD) YFU Host Father

“We started hosting exchange students in 2011, when we were certainly not considered a “standard” host family with no children of our own, were under 30 and living in Melbourne. I had been an exchange student, we love travelling but unfortunately we can’t travel all year around, we wanted to share our home, family & culture and it was a great way to volunteer and bring the world into our community.Even before our first exchange daughter had finished her exchange we had decided to host again. The experience had been fantastic; we became tourists in our own country, we learnt about ourselves, we laughed at some miscommunications, we tried some new food (not all of it was good) and we watched as she became more confident and grew from her exchange experience. Since then, we have hosted 3 more exchange students who have made our family even more global coming from the USA, France & Italy. This means we have tried some very interesting foods, gotten some translations wrong and very happily have a variety of family photos displayed in our home with each of them. We keep in touch with all of our “kids” once they return home and proudly have 2 in college already. Last year we even had the opportunity to visit one of our kids and meet her family which was amazing and this year we are expecting a return visit for Christmas.”
Rebekah (VIC) YFU Host Mother


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