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City Desktop Training will get started with your online self-paced training that are academically-structured, outcome based learning that are industry leading digital marketing courses.

If your new to online marketing or intent to demonstrate your commitment to digital marketing, improve your ability to manage digital marketing projects and earn additional responsibility, an OMCA Certificate and status can help you stand out to potential employers. Alternatively, if you prefer classroom based training we offer these too.

Each course contains multiple learning modules

• Most modules include downloadable workbooks
• Progress quizzes ensure you’re keeping up
• Recommended exercises help you apply your new skills
• Ask questions and get guidance in the student/faculty forums
• Pass a challenging final test to earn certification
• Take your new skills to market

OMCA Certificate Courses

ONLINE MARKETING FUNDAMENTALS – Getting a foundation to your future

Gain a comprehensive overview of digital marketing, and finish with a solid understanding of not only how each discipline works. LEARN MORE

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) MARKETING – Qualified Experts in Demand

Learn a comprehensive, cross-discipline approach to designing, building, and maintaining your PPC programs. LEARN MORE


Social Media is evolving fast. Keep up with all the options, platforms, and trends and know which ones are worth pursuing.LEARN MORE

CONVERSION OPTIMISATION – Conversions Experts Change Minds

Getting users to your site is only half the battle. Getting them to purchase, register or fill out your form, that is your end goal. Learn how to convert web site visitors to customers. LEARN MORE


Take your SEO training to the next level. You’ll learn all you need to know to take on small, medium or large SEO projects and work them from start to finish. LEARN MORE

WEB ANALYTICS – Experts are Priceless

Gain an in-depth understanding of KPIs, Segmentation, Reports, Experimentation and a lot more. LEARN MORE

OMCA Certificate

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