Aviation Training


Company Background

Airline Academy of Australia is a leader in the provision of innovative flight training solutions. We embrace the latest technology and leading edge training methodologies to ensure we continue to produce the very best pilots and aircraft maintenance professionals.

Committed to the highest standards of training excellence, our organisation is managed by some of the industry’s most experienced aviation professionals, who are dedicated to transferring their considerable knowledge to our students and developing students’ skills to the highest level.

Few organisations can boast such a rich aviation history. Our parent organisation, the Royal Queensland Aero Club, has been in existence since 1910 (when it was known as the Australian Aero Club – Queensland Section) and counts aviation pioneers such as Bert Hinkler and Sir Charles Kingsford Smith among its early members. Our history sets us apart, providing us with a priceless storehouse of knowledge and experience and is a valuable resource on which we- and you- can draw.

Today we continue to strive to provide the industry with the next generation of aviation professionals; people of whom our founders can be proud and who will lead us into the future of commercial aviation.

As a student with the Airline Academy of Australia, you’ll find yourself in a class apart from the rest.


Pilot Training


The Airline Academy is broadly recognised throughout the global aviation industry as a leading provider of private, commercial and airline pilot training. With the highest possible international standards in air safety, instruction and ground theory training, the Academy applies its rich 100 year history to a large, modern aircraft fleet resulting in exceptional training opportunities – the only choice you need to make is which one of our excellent courses to join.

Aircraft Maintenance and Engineering Training


The Airline Academy of Australia is an organisation with an uncompromising commitment to training Aircraft Maintenance Engineers. We’re a training school that puts substance at the forefront of what we do, resulting in exceptional quality training that’s recognised throughout the aviation industry.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is an aspect of aviation in which we excel; not just through our training facilities and aircraft fleet, but by the sheer depth and scope of experience, expertise and knowledge of our people, from frontline instructors to management and board members.

You can start your hands-on pre-apprentice training without specialising, then decide which area you like.

Flight Attendant Training


At first glance, a career as a Flight Attendant has the obvious appeal of travel, freedom from dull workplace routine and the glamour factor of the uniform. While this much is true, it’s a career with far more depth and reward, one filled with variety, excitement and personal fulfillment.

As a Flight Attendant, you’re the face of the airline, the person who – more than anyone else in the aviation industry – is so closely and directly involved with the passengers. You’re the one dealing with people of all ages, nationalities, backgrounds, cultures and needs, so you’re something of an in-flight diplomat. You hold a position of great responsibility, because you’re the one passengers will turn to and rely on in the event of stressful situations or emergencies.

The Airline Academy of Australia 5 Day Flight Attendant Course is designed to give you some key essentials to better prepare for further professional training and give you a competitive edge by equipping you with highly-marketable skills across a number of core disciplines. With our course under your belt, you’re better prepared to take the next step.


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