Company Background

Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre is a specialist and independent provider of Australian Apprenticeships* services in NSW & ACT and operates under a contract funded by the Department of Industry. As a subsidiary of NSW’s largest business support organisation, NSW Business Chamber, and with over 15 years’ experience as an Apprenticeships Centre, 28 offices and over 200 staff around NSW & ACT, we have the skills and resources to assist business successfully establish and manage their apprentice and trainee positions.

Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre offers guidance and assistance regarding:
– How to sign up an apprentice or trainee
– What incentives and entitlements are available
– Managing the incentive claims process
(including a free, secure online portal to track trainee/apprentice and company incentive payments easily)
– Referrals to expert advice on award rates and other IR matters and
– Ongoing management of apprentices or trainees

Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre simplifies the entire process, saving employers time and ensuring that the appointment and management of apprentices or trainees is streamlined and easy.


If you are thinking about becoming an apprentice or trainee, it’s a great way to acquire many valuable and sought-after skills.

Either way, we are the people to talk to about getting the maximum benefit out of employing or becoming an apprentice or trainee.

Contracted by the Australian Government as an Australian Apprenticeships Centre, we’ve been providing professional, expert advice on the Australian Apprenticeships program for more than 15 years. Our 200 staff work from 28 locations across NSW and ACT and can assist businesses and individuals with training opportunities, benefits and funding for which they may be eligible.

At Australian Business Apprenticeships Centre, our goal is to help build and sustain effective and mutually rewarding working relationships between employers and their apprentices or trainees.


There are many examples of people who do an apprenticeship or traineeship and then go on to uni,” Williams says. Starting with an apprenticeship may be a particularly smart move for people who are unsure about committing to a university degree. An electrician for example, may segue into an electrical engineering degree: “(an apprenticeship) gives you a better sense of what you want out of your career,” William Says. “It gives you background, a practical foundation and fundamental skills to fall back on.



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