The Graduate Launch Pad is a product of Move Ahead Publications, a division of Move Ahead Media Pty Ltd., who have for the last 5 years focused on delivering strategies which put clients’ businesses in front of potential customers via internet search, social media, and mobile technologies with an emphasis on ensuring that marketing is direct to the correct target groups.

The Graduate Launch Pad is Move Ahead Publications answer to the issues that many young people in today’s globalized world face. Launch Pad was founded upon three key terms: Innovative, Practical & Essential. We implement these words into every aspect of our resource and as a result, we’re able to turn a unique idea into a fully functioning, multi-platform, wide-reaching student resource for both students and parents of domestic or international students.

We are Innovative, Practical and Essential. We are Launch Pad.


Our comprehensive and all encompassing, multi-platform approach is targeted at both domestic and international high school and university students, as well as their parents. As we are opening the lines of communication between student and parent we are providing them with everything they need in order to connect them with institutions and businesses that are relevant to all aspects of their student and working lives.

Without ever having to leave The Graduate Launch Pad, our user base will have the ability to access you through:

Careers – Final year students and recent graduates can gain a better understanding of Australia’s top graduate intake programs across a wide array of fields and prospects.

Education and Training – Students now have the capacity to research programs and schools across Eastern Australia which speak loudest to their core values and interests.

Student Advisors – Although many institutions have these services available, students will now be able to connect with third party advisors to provide unbiased, private advice to help them reach their goals.

Lifestyle and Relocation – Moving to a new location for work or school should be effortless which is why we have created a space for young people to connect with places and brands to explore and purchase as they become acclimated to their new home.

Gap Year – With the continued expanding global market and economy, today’s youth are exploring the globe more now than ever before. For those leaving their native lands, there now is a space for them to find programs and products to help get them started.

Deals – If you offer deals, discounts, and promotions, students will now be drawn to your services which will create the possibility of a potential customer becoming a frequent customer.

Mission and Vision



We strive to act as a student’s guide while they are navigating university and planning their future. Through print and digital media we will spark ideas to help students and parents plan their future and also connect them to various outlets to accomplish that goal. Launch Pad is a place to foster ideas and creativity through reliable references and innovative solutions.


To provide a single space where both students and parents can access and discover opportunities while seeking advice for a better future.

The LAUNCH PAD Planner

Over the course of 2016, 18,000 copies of The Graduate Launch Pad student planner and handbook will be distributed across universities, career expos, and educational shows and fairs across New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria. As students are taking notes, writing down important dates, and planning their futures, your business will never leave their side. This is a useful, and supplemental tool to drive students to The Graduate Launch Pad website where students will also be able to find your name and brand.

Preview Hand Book



  • Initial print run of 18,000 copies of the book.
  • Distribution begins from September 2015 through to September 2016
  • Circulation to High School students from September 2015
  • Distributed across Career and Education Expos across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland throughout 2016


By becoming a part of The Graduate Launch Pad community, you will have your own personal profile created unique to your branding and current marketing plan. Optimized with SEO in mind, we will build your own mini website in an engaging, attractive manner including any and all content which represents your business best. See the example profile below of what you will receive by signing up with us today.

  • Logo of your company
  • Website URL
  • Email and Phone Contact Information
  • Location Page
  • Upto 6 individually designed pages to showcase all your opportunities, jobs, courses or services
  • Image, Media and Video gallery
  • All Social Media links

Social Media

Recognizing our audience,the social media content is a critical part of connecting your business or institution with students. As our audience will be using this resource for various reasons and no matter what drew them to Launch Pad initially, your name and brand will be viewed and stand out exclusively, thus exposing you to the Launch Pad community.

This will not be a blanket approach, but on a systematic, client by client basis to better connect you with potential customers, enrollees, or employees.

Innovative GLP